About Jack Zigon

Jack has worked in sales, online marketing and photography for 30 years. (Yes, he has been using online marketing since 1995…shortly after the internet was created, but a while after the dinosaurs died…)

He understands how high quality, attractive photos can influence a visitor of your online listing to engage, and become an in-person visitor to the property.

Viewing his photos are the first step in a buyer falling in love with their next home.

From the initial thumbnail of the exterior to the “money shots” inside the home, Jack takes care to compose, light, shoot and edit his real estate images with skill and speed.

Below are four before/after examples of how skillful lighting and post-processing of images create photos that make you feel like you’re in the room. Move the slider to see the difference that Jack’s skill makes.

Hint: For iPhone/iPad — tap the left 1/3 of the picture to move the slider where you want it.

  • Before-Lighten a dark family room
    After-Lighten a dark family room
    Before Lighten a dark family room After
  • Before-Brighten up a kitchen
    After-Brighten up a kitchen
    Before Brighten up a kitchen After
  • Before-Tone down a bright living room
    After-Tone down a bright living room
    Before Tone down a bright living room After
  • Before-Balance lighting in BR sitting area
    After-Balance lighting in BR sitting area
    Before Balance lighting in BR sitting area After

Jack loves to bring out the best in each property with dynamic composition that tells the story of the home. Judge for yourself by viewing his portfolio.

And he’s always looking for the “money shot” that will tell the buyer, “here’s why you want this house!”…like this view from a deck of a Jersey Shore house:

He also enjoys working with home owners, helping them feel good about their decision to use a real estate agent who cares enough to commission professional quality photos of their home as part of a larger marketing plan.

He understands that great customer service, speed, and quality are what each agent wants from him.

Contact Jack now at 610 291 5884 to schedule a shoot for your listing.

And if you need any further proof of Jack’s artistic skills, check out this sample of his landscape photography. He has been shooting and selling his images of the Jersey Shore and Delaware County for years. His full portfolio can be seen at jackzigon.com.